3 Minor Tweaks that Can Increase Your Website Sales

laptopsImprove your profits by implementing these 3 easy website tweaks.

What should you do when your website is not giving you satisfactory results? Here are some quick and easy website tweaks that can help you increase your sales and improve your conversion rates.

Use price anchoring strategies. Price anchoring can be defined as the use of comparative information in evaluating whether an offer is a fair deal or not. Since price serves as the single most decisive factor that can influence a buyer’s decision, using a variety of price anchors may help you highlight the relative value of your products and increase your chances of converting potential buyers into paying customers.

To successfully implement this strategy, consider offering multiple packages to your customers and drive attention to your anchor price by putting it first in line or by highlighting it. By putting it first in line, you can make your customers think that the other options are more reasonable since their minds will be fixated on the anchor price which is higher compared to your target price.

You can also make your anchor price the target by highlighting it using a different color. Your customers’ attention will automatically be drawn to this option and make them think that it is the best option available.

Implement tailored copy changes. You can also improve your conversion rates by making small changes to your call-to-action (CTA). Studies indicate that adding certain words or using a different style or design in your CTAs can influence customer behavior and increase your conversion rates.

Improve your loading time. Studies indicate that online shoppers do not tolerate websites with slow loading times. To avoid this, you need to make sure that your website loads in less than three seconds. Keep in mind that the faster your website loads, the better it would be for your bottomline.

Try these simple website tweaks and you may discover which strategies work best for your business.