3 Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses

Here are some budget-friendly solutions that are perfect for small businesses.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the size of your business does not matter. All businesses with an online presence (website, online accounts or any other form of internet-based infrastructure) can be at risk for malicious cyber attacks.

So, is there anything that you can do to keep your business safe at all times? Thankfully, there are a number of dependable yet affordable solutions that you can use to protect your business from cyber security threats. Here are some budget-friendly cybersecurity solutions that you may want to consider.


This website aims to help business owners protect their businesses, employees and customers from all forms of online threats. Powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), StaySafeOnline.org provides tools and resources to help business owners assess risks, monitor online threats, and implement a cybersecurity plan. The website also aims to help small business owners train their employees to keep their networks safe, and protect their customers? personal information.


CloudFlare can help protect your website without costing you a single dime. Basically, this free tool will sit in front of your website and act as your first line of defense against off malicious attacks that can negatively affect or even shut your website down. CloudFlare will also speed up your website, provide powerful stats to help you evaluate your visitors, and create reports to provide an insight on your website traffic, search engine crawlers and any possible threats. CloudFlare also comes in paid plans.


Using strong passwords can help protect your online accounts. This is where Random.org comes in handy. This online tool will automatically generate strong, alphanumeric, case-sensitive passwords that you can use for your online accounts. With this tool, cybercriminals will surely have an extremely difficult time cracking down your passwords.

Remember, protecting your website and online accounts doesn?t need to break the bank.