Karen Taylor Bass Podcast Picked Up by Karen Hunter’s “Hub News”

Karen Taylor Bass, award-winning public relations expert, author & speaker, has announced that her podcast, Late Night with Karen Taylor Bass, was recently picked up by Karen Hunter’s “Hub News.”

“The podcast will be distributed to over millions of listeners and be part of the Sirius XM Urban View family (will be on her show weekly to promote). The podcast will simply be titled, Karen Taylor Bass.  Thank you for riding and supporting with me. Truly excited for my Chapter 2 … much more to come,” Taylor Bass says.
In an interview last month on the subject of Spotify’s “Sound Up Bootcamp for Women of Color Podcasters,” Taylor Bass, who herself had applied for the program, shared with TNJ.com how, in her opinion, participants would benefit from the program.
“As a newbie in the podcast world, the program will offer an intense training for storytelling, pitching, monetizing, editing, mentoring and real-time networking with trailblazers in the media field,” she said. “That information is necessary and priceless; women of color will have a fighting chance to get their program out there, pivot and understand the secret sauce for success. I decided to launch a podcast on January 1, (2018), simply because I as a black women who is over 50, felt underrepresented as it relates to topics/”change” happening around me and peers. I launched ‘Late Night with Karen Taylor Bass’ which I describe as Paul Mooney meets Oprah podcast. It is raw, motivational and real talk.”
Taylor Bass is also a branding expert who has offered tips on small business survival.