And the Winners of NextUp #YouTubeBlack Class of 2018 Are…

Thirteen YouTube creators who have won spots at a special edition of their NextUp camps designed to support up-and-coming Black creators on the platform: NextUp #YouTubeBlack.

“This summer, we opened applications to three special editions of our NextUp camps designed to support up-and-coming Black, Latino and women creators on the platform: NextUp #YouTubeLatino, NextUp #YouTubeBlack, and NextUp Women To Watch,” YouTube said in a recent statement.

The winners of NextUp #YouTubeBlack are Team APS, Montoya Mayo, Living Luxuriously for Less, Jeremy Fielding; Jamilla & Que, Hellah Good, StarPuppy, Jarvis Johnson; Clever Girl Finance, Ahsante the Artist, The Curly Coopers, Maha Maven; and That Chick Angel TV.

The camp is similar to camps that other companies have been offering lately to creators looking to hone their skills. Spotify’s SoundUp Bootcamp for Women of Color Podcasters was a big success. 10 women won the contest and three were awarded a grand prize of $10,000 each. Later, the company announced the Equal Studio Residency Program for Women to pave the way for emerging female producers and engineers while highlighting existing women in the music industry.

As for NextUp #YouTubeBlack, these selected creators will join YouTube for week-long creator camps at YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, New York and London this fall. As part of the camps, creators will attend production workshops that provide a crash course on how to up-level their YouTube content through classes on advanced camera, lighting, and sound techniques. In addition to learning about video production, creators will receive one-on one-advice about their YouTube channel strategy from the YouTube Partnerships team, and they’ll have the chance to network with each other as well as NextUp grads. At the end of the week, creators will leave with a voucher for new production equipment that can help them put their new skills into practice.