2016 Tech Guide

This issue of The Network Journal introduces the magazine?s Tech Guide, which brings together in a single pullout section key lists of people, organizations, funders, HBCU partnerships and African startups in the technology space, along with an exclusive interview with systems engineer and innovator Gregory Greenlee, founder of Blacks in Technology. While our lists are hardly exhaustive, they include names and resources that we identified as important to our readers and their interests.?


Researching the contents of this first annual Tech Guide confirmed what Nielsen found in its 2016 report ?Young, Connected and Black: African-Americans Are Driving Social Change and Leading Digital Advancement? that the digital divide between Blacks and whites in the United States is narrowing. ?Black Millennials are 11.5 million-strong and leading a viral vanguard that is driving African-Americans? innovative use of mobile technology and closing the digital divide,? the report concludes. Indeed, says Cheryl Grace, Nielsen?s senior vice president for U.S. Strategic Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement, ??We have entered a new era whereby technology has become a great equalizer.?


We are proud of the work our researchers have done in assembling these lists in the time they were given to do so. Given this start, we can only anticipate broader, more unique listings in future editions of the Guide.


Rosalind McLymont, Executive Editor, The Network Journal?

Researchers: Ashley Oliver, J.D. Rachid, Kourtney Webb ? ?