2014’s Exciting Technology Trends

If you are a fan of technology, 2014
promises to be an exciting year. What can you expect to see in the next 12
months? Experts are predicting major trends that will affect the way people
interact with technology, live in their homes, print objects, drive and more.
Read on to learn about the exciting bleeding-edge technology that the future

Wearable Technology

This trend actually started last year but
will really take hold in 2014. You’ll see the unveiling of more and more
gadgets you can wear, from gizmos sewn directly into clothing to smart watches
that do far more than just tell the time. Technology will become a fashion
statement in its own right, so expect to be able to add more wearable gadgets
to your wardrobe this year.

More Connected Homes

Technology will influence more home
appliances than ever before in 2014. You’ll find all kinds of gadgets that will
enhance your home life, making it more efficient and convenient, like smart
meters that evaluate your power consumption or smoke alarms that send you
alerts when you are away from home.

More Connected Cars

You can already start and warm up some cars
from your phone, and this connected car technology will only increase this
year. You’ll soon be able to connect to 4G networks while on the road due to
car-based SIM technologies, and embedded tech will bring a range of futuristic
concepts to life, like driver-less cars and solar-powered fuel.

Less Computers, More Tablets

Computers are already being replaced with
tablets and smartphones, and that trend will continue in 2014. Screens on
tablets will be growing to fill the gap, and you’ll be seeing more hybrid
keyboard/touchscreen portables popping up on store shelves.

Television Screen Changes

At least two companies, LG and Samsung, are
experimenting with curved television displays that offer an exciting
alternative to traditional straight, flat panels. These new models won’t be on
store shelves at affordable prices for a while, but you can catch a glimpse of
them this year before they likely become mainstays in our lives.

3D Printing Becomes More Accessible,

Three-dimensional printing is a growing
trend, and prices of the high-tech machines are expected to drop this year, making
them more accessible than ever before. Entry-level systems may be available for
as little as $500, allowing more people to experiment with the exciting new
form of manufacturing.?