2012 Global New Year’s Eve Party

Maapit global NYE partyAs professionals, business people and students, we work hard during the course of the year, however as the New Year approaches, we can’t wait to let our guards down in order to celebrate the year’s successes or reflect back and focus on the future. It?s the biggest party time of the year and it?s time to celebrate like you?ve never done before. The Mayan calendar cycle may end on December 21, however Maapit.com has promised to throw a New Year?s Eve celebration like no other.

Wherever you are in the world, it?s time to celebrate. Maapit says it?s time to set our differences aside and connect with humanity. 2012 New Year?s Eve is going to be completely different; it?s the first time in history the world will celebrate together, under 1 digital roof. Maapit would like you to share those photos, hot number dresses and fun times at Time Square, or precious moments with friends & family etc. Party with the rest of the world U.K, Russia, India, China, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, China, Indonesia and more. Anyone, anywhere in the world with a desktop or mobile device can join in and participate. ?Support the initiative by retweeting.? Share it with your friends on Facebook. It’s one long week of peace and global celebration.

Why Maapit and Not Facebook or Twitter for New Year’s Eve??

Maapit specializes in capturing and archiving real-time emotions of ?Global Events or Brand Campaigns? in order for you, and future generations to ?relive the moment? with the click of (1 button). Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience, which does not exist elsewhere. This is not the first big event Maapit is capturing in real time. It captured the user generated content (UGC) for 2012 Olympics and it hosted the first Presidential Social Vote between Obama & Romney. Maapit is a B2B and B2C service provider for brands and small businesses.

What Can I Do?

?- Interact with others and share your New Year?s resolution?
?- See people on U.S. and world map in real time
?- Experience how other cultures celebrate New Year’s Eve
?- Celebrate by posting your NYE Time square moment
?- Search and isolate yourself, or a friend from thousands, to read comments
?- Search keywords or any word from?the entire campaign?s social feed
?- Share your photos, videos, comments, and see content from around the world
?- Leave your 2012 NYE footprints in history and come back anytime to “Relive the Experience”

For more information, go to www.maapit.com