20 Types of Bosses to Avoid

Bad Boss Alert!

We know them when we see them. These bad boss archetypes often show up in small business when things get stressful, out of control, or the money dries up. They drive profits and employee morale into the ground. Fortunately, they are easy to avoid exhibiting.

1. The Yelling Boss

They control by anger and by using a loud voice. This boss is trying to get your attention and put the fear of fire and brimstone into you. Employees hate this type of ruler because he or she is using power tactics and not reason, leadership skill, knowledge, and charisma.

2. The Fearful Boss

This is the boss who just won’t take charge. When an employee has an issue, he or she tends to cower in a corner and wait for the conflict to pass. You know what? This type of boss probably should not be in leadership at all. It’s important to confront problems head-on and solve the issue.

3. The Overwhelmed Boss

Leadership is a difficult role because it means you have to prioritize almost instantly, juggle many different issues, and deal with conflict. Stay calm in the face of constant inquiries! It’s important to learn to multitask as a leader–even more so than in a productivity job.

4. The Overworked Boss

Similar to the boss who is breaking apart at the seams, this is the archetype for someone who can’t seem to handle the workload that comes with leadership. The solution? Find a second in command as quickly as possible.

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