12 Tech Blogs Every CTO Should Follow

CTOQ: What is one blog all chief technology officers or tech managers should follow?

A: Searchmetrics. “Searchmetrics is a technical SEO blog that helps CTOs know what’s going on online and helps them to configure their website for more online users. I’ve found that it has helped me understand the technical parts of SEO a lot better. It also gives a lot of data to help me make better decisions.” John Rampton, Due

Signal v. Noise.
“Signal v. Noise is a must-read for anyone who works in the technology industry. It’s especially important for leaders of technology teams. There’s a reason why it’s one of the longest-running blogs about the internet that is still active today. It got here by consistently publishing honest stories about what it feels like to run a bootstrapped technology startup.” Neil Thanedar, LabDoor

Hacker News. “Hacker News (run by Y Combinator) is the only major source of news I check, because it always has the most important stories that I need to know about, often before they’re covered in the mainstream press. I also use the comments section to learn more about how a story will potentially impact me, and sometimes to hear other sides of the story through thoughtful and well-crafted posts.” Mattan Griffel, One Month

MartinFowler. com.
“Martin Fowler is a specialist in building productive software teams and has written many books about software development. He is one of the leading influencers in technology, software system design and agile development.” Randy Rayess, VenturePact

Joel on Software. “It’s not exactly new, but Joel on Software is a gold mine. It includes great advice about writing code and managing a tech organization. Some highlights are ‘The Joel Test’ and ‘Things You Should Never Do.’ (Spoiler: Never big-bang rewrite your product from scratch.)” Vivek Sharma, Movable Ink

CIO Dashboard. “Chris Curran at CIO Dashboard offers advice and insights on problems facing technology leaders. The site also hosts other contributors and includes a wide range of perspectives.” Jyot Singh, RTS Labs

OnStartups.com. “Though Dharmesh Shah’s (CEO of Hubspot) blog is focused on marketing, it helps CTOs and tech managers keep up with the latest tech practices as they pertain to business development and growth. He shares some great thoughts on SEO and optimizing websites for conversions.”Pratham Mittal, VenturePact

High Scalability.
“High Scalability is a great site to stay up to date on new solutions to support huge user growth. It gives in-depth analysis of real, scalable solutions and explains common pitfalls you should avoid. Definitely a must read.” Philippe Clavel, Rabbit

Bhorowitz.com. “We think it’s important for our tech leader to be aware of the challenges we are encountering, and Ben’s perspective on Bhorowitz.com is that of a former CTO type who expounds on business/strategy issues. Frankly, bhorowitz.com is one of those blogs that represents a commonality for a lot of our team members across multiple divisions.” Kofi Kankam, Admit.me

CrunchBase. “CrunchBase is a subset of TechCrunch, and it focuses directly on startups primarily in the tech industry. CrunchBase is also a newsletter that can be sent to your inbox daily with all of the latest news and innovations in the tech world. It is a great resource for new ideas, and pushes tech leaders to think outside of the box as well as see what possible competition is working on.” Miles Jennings, Recruiter.com

Six Pixels of Separation. “Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation blog unites his self-described ‘squiggly’ career trajectory of music journalist, creative professional and creative agency owner. His insatiable curiosity and desire for great conversations create a depth of mental exploration of technology topics unmatched by any writer/speaker I have read or seen.” Derek Weber, goBRANDgo!

Dark Reading. “Dark Reading is an objective blog focused on information security, a subject that is becoming a top priority on everyone’s agenda. Hosting the thoughts of industry leaders, experts and vendors, it provides a holistic view of technology and threat evolution. On top of that, it frequently provides analysis for high profile attacks, offering us the opportunity to understand and prepare accordingly for future threats.” Yiannis Giokas, PCCW Global

(Source: TCA)