12 Apps That Can Effectively Connect You With Your Team, Wherever They Are


Q: What is an innovative software/app you use to check in with your team remotely, and why is it effective?

A: Slack. “We switched over from Skype to Slack, and it has worked wonders for our team. You can divide the conversations into specific channels with their own members and use the ‘@’ function to notify multiple members at once. It keeps our communication organized, and having the app on our phones makes it easy to communicate from wherever.” Micah Johnson, GoFanbase, Inc.

iDoneThis. “Our team has used iDoneThis for years because of its simplicity and accountability. It will send you and your team an evening email reminder to ask what you did that day. The team replies, and the next day everyone gets a digest with what everyone on the team got done. It’s very simple, and allows remote employees to celebrate and stay on top of team successes.” Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Sococo and Slack. Our team uses a combination of Slack, for chat, and Sococo, which is a virtual office. It has offices, conference rooms, chat, video and screen sharing. The combination of these has drastically improved our remote team’s communication and productivity while supporting Revel’s culture. These encourage information sharing and keep everyone in the loop without too much noise.” Kayla Wagner Faires, Revel Interactive

Wrike. “Most of our team works remotely in various parts of the country or around the world. Wrike is awesome because it lets us collaborate on projects without having to email progress updates; it has real time notifications. It centralizes the information so employees can start working instead of trying to figure out what has been done since they worked on the project. It has sped up our development process a lot.” Peter Daisyme, Due

Trello. “We have found Trello to be a helpful platform. We can communicate easily through the site in an organized fashion. It keeps track of what has being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. It also allows for checklists that keep you updated on how much work, percentage wise, you have done.” Stanley Meytin, True Film Production

Screenhero. “Screenhero is an incredible tool that promotes effective collaboration remotely. The technology enables you to hold conference calls and screen-shares, but also goes a step beyond by allowing team members to actually control one another’s screens as needed. It’s a very powerful piece of software, and we have started to use it daily to collaborate across multiple time zones.” Doreen Bloch, Poshly Inc.

Asana. “We have all our projects organized in Asana, and use it to communicate on projects every day since we’re a virtual team. My team loves the massive checklists in Asana, and we use the thread for each task to chat and give feedback if we need to. We’ve tried a lot of systems, and this is the one that has worked best for us and allowed us to cancel three other tools. Asana does it all!” Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on the World

Salesforce. “Salesforce allows me to watch what each employee does on a daily basis. It tracks each representative’s activity, sales, steps, etc. I am always checking in on this to make sure I am up to speed on everyone’s progress.” Jayna Cooke, EVENTup

DoneDone. “Although DoneDone is the most effective for development and software teams, it really can be used for company-wide communication and collaboration through one central hub. This platform easily detects issues in process, no matter what department you are a part of, and helps teams come together to solve said problem. DoneDone is extremely easy to use and team members adapt to it quickly.” Miles Jennings, Recruiter.com

Projectplace. “If you’ve used a platform like Trello and want to step it up a little, then you’ll like Projectplace. Just like Trello, it uses the Kanban method of project management (with Kanban boards). You get tools like Task Management, Project Overviews, Issue Management, etc., and it’s all visual so you won’t feel too overwhelmed.” Cody McLain, SupportNinja

Confluence. “There is no better way to collaborate with a remote team than with an internal wiki. With Confluence, you can upload files, document business processes, interlink pages, as well as tag specific team members to projects and comments where they need to address an issue. You can also set up email notifications for yourself and your team so that everyone is aware of new updates made to pages in the wiki.” Brian David Crane, CallerSmart

WhatsApp. “Most of my team is spread out around the world. The best way to check up on them is through WhatsApp. It’s really awesome to know when someone you contact has seen your messages. WhatsApp does just that, and with more than a billion users, calls can be made instantly anywhere. Even Facebook’s messenger (acquirer of WhatsApp) adopted the message received feature. Pro tip: When it’s urgent, I use both.” Robert De Los Santos, Sky High Party Rentals