10 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries So You Can Be Your Personal Best


RelaxEveryday stresses got you feeling down? Do you dream about forgoing your responsibilities for an opportunity to get away from it all?

Before you hop a plane to Tahiti, consider the physical and emotional benefits of the following list of activities. Designed with you in mind, these ten suggestions provide you with plenty of opportunities to recharge your batteries so you can be your personal best. They are:

1.  Take a staycation.  Turn off your    
     phone, put your email on auto-pilot,
     and nestle down in your home for
     some much needed rest and     

2.  Eliminate negative self-talk.  Keep a
     notecard full of affirmations in a
     place where you can refer to it

3.  Change your routine.  Try brushing
     your teeth with the opposite hand,
     eating breakfast for dinner or
     engaging in an activity that you
     have never tried before.

4.  Take a power nap.  A short, well-
      timed siesta can leave you feeling
      refreshed, renewed, and ready to
      tackle the rest of your day.

5.  Drink a glass of freshly squeezed
Packed with vitamins, it can
     elevate your mood and provide you
     with the energy necessary to be
     productive and happy.

6.  Go for a brisk walk.  Get the heart
     pumping and reflect upon
     constructive ways in which to
     overcome obstacles in order to
     reach your goals.

7.  Keep a record of your successes
     and celebrate each milestone
Small triumphs often give us
     the confidence needed to take on
     larger tasks.

8.  Visit a friend with a contagious
Imitate this person by being
     aware and positive at all times.

9.  Wake up at least once a week
     without an alarm clock. 
Allow your
     body to adjust to its natural sleep

10.  Get away for the day. 
A change
       of scenery works wonders in
       shifting your perspective.

By ridding yourself of distractions and self-defeating behavior, you are giving yourself permission to succeed.  Oprah Winfrey said it best with this statement:

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Without inner reflection and self-care, it is difficult to reach your maximum potential. Slowing things down a bit gives you time to see things for what they’re really worth and better visualize the role that they are playing in your life. 

The end result will be a positive one. Not only will it provide you with a broader perspective in terms of your future plans, it will also make you more appreciative of the blessings that you share with others. Now, that’s what we call gratifying behavior!