10 Tricks to Better Emails

Think about how much time your customers spend in their email inboxes, and just how many personal details of their lives and relationships contained there. Being admitted to what has become one of the modern world’s most intimate spaces is a privilege for your business. How do you respect that trust and write emails that will delight rather than annoy your customers?

That’s the topic of a hugely in-depth guide written by Jimmy Daly and published on the blog of email marketing startup Vero recently. The lengthy resource, offers a whopping 20 tips to help you improve your emails and is full of examples from successful marketers to illustrate each point. Intrigued about what it contains? Here is a taste of ten of the tips to get you started.

1. Create an exclusive club

Everyone likes to feel special. Use that to your advantage by highlighting that the recipient is getting a sneak preview of other perk not available to everyone. “Groove’s Alex Turnbull takes a more direct approach. He emails new posts out to blog subscribers before they are available to people who read via RSS feeds or social media,” notes Daly. Groove’s emails explain that, “as a subscriber, you’re getting this link about an hour before the post goes live on our blog’s homepage.”

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