10 Things Not To Do On Email

EMAILWe all make mistakes. However, when you’ve been using email for a couple of decades, you tend to have perfected your craft. (I still tell people I’m a Professional Email Processor.) These are the mistakes more seasoned email users avoid at all costs.

1. Hit reply all

Few people who have been around tech for a while still make this mistake. You get into the habit of confirming who is getting your message. It’s rare that you need to send a message back to all of the original recipients.

2. Forget to blind copy

Another thing technophiles rarely (if ever) do is forget to blind copy. It’s a newbie mistake. You also get into the habit of confirming the recipients for every single email.

3. Send an email to the wrong person

There are a lot of people named John. There’s only one person with my email address. That’s why it’s best not to just type a first name and search. If you have processed a lot of email, you know you have to always confirm the recipient’s name. Twice.

4. Permanently delete a message

We’re living in an age of almost unlimited and cheap storage. I have at least 2TB right now in my Gmail account, and I haven’t deleted a single email in at least six to seven years (really). If you want to make an archive, just create another email address and keep all of the old messages.

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