10 Steps To Travel Better By Air

airLet?s be honest: Air travel, for the most part, stinks. Long lines at check-in counters, slow moving security gates, confusing terminals, flight delays, and inclement weather all make for a discombobulating and depressing travel experience.

But what if it were more like this:

1. While riding to the airport in your Uber car you get a mobile notification predicting delays in traffic (based on past patterns of day/hour of traffic).

2. As you get closer to the airport you get another notification on the nearest drop-off station for your luggage.

3. As you get out of the car (remember payments are automatic while riding Uber) a valet offers to drop off your bags at the bag-drop location.

4. As you enter the airport you get a mobile notification on where your gate is, and the nearest security gate with the shortest wait time.

5. You zip through security (no need to take off shoes/belts).

6. Once inside the terminal you get another push notification with a coupon for a cappuccino at Starbucks (the airport knows you?re a coffee lover).

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