10 Cool Jobs You May Not Have Considered

jobYes, people really do get paid to taste ice cream. Or play video games. Or fly a blimp.

When it comes to low paying drudgery with a dismal future, newspaper reporter and lumberjack have been called the worst. On the other hand, some jobs seem more like play. Just for a lark, the folks at London-based shopping site Savoo scoured postings on U.S. job boards, help-wanted ads in American media, and other sources stateside to find the occupations that sound like the most fun. They came up with this ranking, listed in ascending order of average salary:

Disneyland ?face character? ? $32,000

Job description: Dress up and perform as a famous Disney character

Requirements: Strict rules regarding height and appearance, plus some acting ability. ?Must be good with children.?

Video game player ? $50,000, plus newest game releases

Job description: Assist other players to achieve higher scoring levels in games

Requirements: Love for video games, plus some teaching ability.

Ice cream taster -$60,000, plus unlimited ice cream

Job description: Evaluate ice cream ?in terms of taste, texture, smell, and other elements? to assure quality control

Requirements: Bachelor?s degree in food science preferred.

Blimp pilot ? $70,000

Job description: Fly around in a blimp to make advertisements visible from below

Requirements: Must have blimp pilot certification.

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