Top Cities For Finding Employment

One of the top recommendations routinely given to job seekers looking to maximize their potential of being hired is to remain open to the idea of relocating.

But to where?

To determine the best cities for finding employment, currently, Forbes worked with national staffing agency Adecco and considered?factors?such as industries within a particular city, cost of living, and the presence of companies with varied employment opportunities.?Adecco used data and feedback from regional offices across the country as well as employment rate data from the Department of Labor to determine which 10 cities provide the strongest job?opportunities right now.

Topping the list is Austin, Texas. With 4.4% unemployment* the city beats the national unemployment rate by nearly two percentage points. A cluster of colleges and universities provide education opportunities as well as employment in a number of fields, and anyone seeking a customer service or call center position is going to find some of the greatest hiring demand in Austin.

?The robust economy, lower cost of living, relaxed vibe and variety of jobs available make the city attractive for job seekers,? says Alyson Blake-Wilson,?Adecco?regional vice president.? ?Austin prides itself in its desire to be uniquely Austin, with the city having over 300 days of sunshine and offering easy access to the hill country and lakes.?

Just behind Austin is Madison, Wisconsin, with similarly low unemployment?4.7%?and high demand for manufacturing, customer service, healthcare, and professional services jobs. Recently, the city has experienced a bump in companies looking to hire manufacturing professionals experienced with consumer products and food.

As a city, Madison is known for offering a wide array of cultural activities while maintaining a strong sense of community and relatively low cost of living.

?The top two cities on this list?Austin and Madison?have a number of things in common; unemployment rates below 5%, large college and university networks, an affordable cost of living, access to good jobs, and a community that prides itself on being residents of the town,? says?Joyce Russell, president of Adecco Staffing US. ?This combination leads to an environment where skilled job seekers are really starting to dictate what they?d like in their new position, rather than employers being able to navigate that process.?

Those looking to capitalize on finance, accounting, and various business administration skills may want to explore opportunities in Jacksonville, Florida.

?Jacksonville appeals to job seekers as there are available positions in a number of different sectors,? says Mona Whitley, regional operations manager. ?Professional options combined with wonderful weather, a developed park system, beaches and the financial incentives that come with Florida not having an income tax make the area irresistible to those looking for opportunities.?

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