10 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

Just because you’re a sole proprietor or run a small startup, that doesn’t mean you can’t have executive-level support literally at your fingertips. There’s an app for just about anything, including making your entrepreneurial pursuits just a little bit more manageable. Many of these apps range in price from free to very reasonable. Opting out of entrepreneur-centric apps is like turning down an offer of free work from a contractor. You wouldn’t do that, so please make sure you don’t have an empty smartphone desktop.

Of course, entrepreneurs also don’t have time to test out every possible app and gadget on the market. You have a business to manage. Here’s your cheat sheet for some of the best apps to make your business run a little bit smoother. Who knew being your own boss could mean you might have so many minions?

1. WinStreak

You’re focused on growth and productivity, so make sure this free iPhone app is at your beck and call. All you do is pinpoint three “wins” you want to complete every day, and then set three for tomorrow. It’s goal setting made easy, feasible, and within reach. You can cater your wins strictly toward business, or pepper in some other important tasks too (like getting to the gym).

2. Venmo

Forget PayPal, annoying bank transfers, or paying any kind of fee at all for sending money to employees, colleagues, clients, or partners. Venmo is a completely free way to send payments with no caps and no long forms to fill out, and it’s secure. It’s also flat-out quicker than PayPal, so sit back and laugh at those who pay extra money because they still think they should use PayPal. Even though it trumps every other peer-to-peer payment method out there, it remains a best-kept secret.

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